There are many experiences and challenges in this life but the most important of all are the choices that we make because they have eternal consequences. Since the beginning, man has sought to find his own way of determining what is right or wrong but there is a God that has already told mankind what needs to be done. God has written about himself within His Creation and has made evidence of His existence available to us all, through it’s incredible complexity! “The Heavens declair the glory of God”, is a verse from the Bible that, in a nut-shell, says it all! All we have to do is to look upwards and see a small glimpse of an incredibly complex universe that will always create a sense of awe within the hearts and minds of those who are open to the “Truth” about this vast creation of His! This can be referred to as the “Macro Universe”. On the other hand, scientists with electronic microscopes explore the “Micro Universe”, which consists of the very building blocks of life itself! What was once thought to be the “simple cell” which is part of all of that which is “alive”, is now known to be vastly complex! The cells in the human body are like miniature factories within factories. They have everything that is needed to receive, produce and then distribute the basic building blocks of the “life” that we have within us, through a variety of amino acids that work together to keep us functioning.

Life itself is a wonder to behold. The complex conditions that must exist to enable this world to be a host for life is beyond the comprehension of most people on this very unique planet! The various conditions that exist that makes all of this possible must be exactly maintained for life to continue. The distance from the sun is critical! The moon that circles around this planet is also critical to the existance of life on this planet! The critical action of the tides that the moon creates by it’s gravitational force is also beyond the comprehension of most of human life. We take many things for granted and are unaware of the many forces and complex systems that work together to allow life to remain as it is on our world.

If you were to do a study concerning all of the scientific discoveries that have been made concerning the uniqueness of our world then you would be hard pressed to believe that this could have simply happened by chance! This is a very “Ordered and Complex” system that makes up this universe. Evolution would be realized to be an impossible fairy tale for the ignorant ones who simply close their eyes to the vast amounts of evidence to the contrary! It takes a great deal of willful blindness to the truth, to believe that any of this universe could have simply happened by chance!

I hope that those who claim to be opened minded about some things that concern “Choices”, will also stop forcing their false and simply impossible beliefs on our children in the public school systems. They go after children because their minds are still pliable and can be brainwashed into believing anything that they want them to, and they have no concience whatsoever concerning there practices!

Are you one who considers himself or herself to be openminded? If so, then I hope that you will truly become open-minded and consider all that I have written here and see if you can prove it to be false. I know that you can not, so consider the facts at hand and reconsider the world to come, for it will be a terrible destiny for those who continue to cling to their blindness!

If you would like to know more then I challenge you to pick up a copy of the “Word of God”, and consider the truths that it contains because your “Life” depends upon it! You can choose “Eternal Life”, or on the other hand, by denial, you are choosing “Eternal Death”!, Eternal Death is by default the choice that you are making by simply dismissing this warning! Please, for your sake, think long and hard about the evidences that I have offered and do your own research to learn if what I say is the truth! Your life depends upon it!