The content from (Davebrigg’s Blog) was moved  to a New Blog Named: “Nountainiering The Heights”. I will choose new content for this blog as well as re-post the content that is important to me. It is at : , also and most of the other blogs are linked together in one way or another. has become a basically new blog that I will repopulate with some new and some old content. If you think that YOU are confused, then from scratch, consider starting 7 or 8 new blogs over a relatively short period of time, especially because I had never seriously considered a writing career previously.

I have neither  had anyone to coach me through the basics nor even the more advanced aspects of setting-up and creating content based solely on my truthful accounts. Those accounts are about a door opening between me and the Spirit World, first when I was 18 years old. It is  a “World” or dimension that absolutely confirms that the Bible is true.

My experiences absolutely do confirm the authenticity  concerning the “Original Manuscripts” that were in their day “, God Breathed” and Truly the “Inspired, Inerrant Word Of  God”. We have today as close of a collection of fragments to recompile the Bible with 99.5%  accuracy about the basic truths that were written nearly 2000 years ago for the “New Covenant”. The few differences have nothing to do with basic facts in the original text. They are basic differences in grammer that do not affect the important truths that the Bible teaches.   The Protestant “Old Testament” was compiled and translated from the “Greek Septuagint” which means 70, for there were 70 scholars who in Egypt, I believe that it was Alexandria Egypt, where the 70 who translated the Old Covenant from the original Hebrew to the common language of the day which was Greek. Very few Jewish people at that time spoke their original native tongue which was Hebrew, therefore a Greek translation was greatly needed to facilitate the teaching of “God’s Word”. Our Bible was written or I should say translated from the Original Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. which were the common languages of the area around Judea, Samaria and Galilee at the time of the life of Jesus.

There will be more to come soon. I started blogging on topics that greatly interested me because these are subjects that I have lived and suffered greatly to learn. I gained by suffering for The Lord’s sake and also while being taught necessary lessons from God that I could not have learned any other way. The first blog was set-up to chronicle a miraculous period that I was starting to lose details about, so because of all the time that had passed as well as age it became necessary to open my first blog for the purpose of chronicling  those events. It concerned events that began when I was 30 years old. These accounts are very dear to me so the first covered my need and then it was necessary to start adding blogs for the purpose of exposing an “Evil Doctor” who actually “Tortured ” me. I did not know how to get my story out into the public sphere so then a second blog seemed to be needed, and all of a sudden, I have about 10 Blogs to set-up, design, organize and write content for so please be patient with me since I barely know how to do all of this to begin with. The content I  know and everything else has been a whirlwind learning proposition with a few snags now and then.

If anyone would be willing to examine one or more of my blogs  and would like to help with some advice about blogging and setting up blogs then I would really appreciate it! I especially need help getting my blogs noticed. That seems to be the hardest part. I have made some progress but it is a very hard hill to climb!

Thank You for your Patience and help if that is possible!